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Do you have a website or blog? Would you like to earn money from it? Look no further than the Facial Co affiliate program. It's quick and easy to sign up.

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Affiliates are websites or blogs that send traffic to Facial Co through tracked links, for each sale that is made from that link, the affiliate gets a commission. The links can be in the form of banners, text links on your blog, or even a link on twitter.

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We have an amazing range of designer skincare, body care and hair care products as well as exclusive discounts and offers for you to share with your followers. With high conversion rates and a huge product range this means that if you send customers to Facial Co you are more likely to earn commission. With competitive commission rates on all products we stock there is good potential to partner with us and secure exclusive rates of up to 10%*. We validate commissions frequently, so that our affiliates get their money as soon as possible.

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We have a team dedicated to running the affiliate program so there’s always someone to help with any questions you have. We also offer an affiliate newsletter every week or daily on request, supporting banner creative, product feeds and more to help drive sales from your site. If you want something specific for your site, talk to us and we will see what we can do! For more information on our affiliate partnerships please contact: Fran.Britton@thehutgroup.com

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It’s as easy as one, two, three… Click here to sign up to our trusted partner network Awin, Choose Facial Co as your merchant (we can help with this), and add the tracked links to your site or social media to start earning commission.

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• Choose something relevant to your audience, whether it’s the latest trend, an amazing sale or something you’ve spotted a celebrity wearing. That way, people are more likely to click on your links. • Ensure your links work properly and direct people to the right place, you will get much higher sales if you make it easy for your audience to shop. We can always help with links so just let us know if you have any problems. • Do some research about what works for other affiliates and bloggers. The PerformanceIN Forum is a great source of information. Please note: *Commission tiers are subject to change so please check the program terms when you sign up.

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