Etat Pur

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From the creators of the dermatologically recommended, globally renowned, Bioderma, the French beauty giant has now developed a new skincare brand, grounded in science and their unique ecobiological approach: Etat Pur.

The brand has a deep understanding the skin's biology which enables Etat Pur to create scientifically proven, minimalist skincare formulas. Led by the Pure Active range, targeting specific skincare concerns, from acne through to ageing. Each Active is perfectly dosed with minimal ingredients (using less than 0.5% of the ingredients available in the cosmetics industry). These actives give the skin only what it needs - nothing more nothing less.

Etat Pur Actives are then complemented by the Pure Skincare range, cleansers and moisturisers made with no actives, so that we don't compromise the skins unique balance.

The brand is accessible from it's transparency on ingredients used, the range is easy to navigate to find your perfect, simple routine which is efficient for you, through to the price point. Etat Pur is a brand dedicated to everyone and every skin.

Underpinning the brand’s philosophy and dream is for everyone to have access to scientifically proven, minimalist, pure skincare which is perfect for that person, enabling their skin to be it's true & purest self.

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