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Redken has dominated the haircare industry for over 50 years, ever since they pioneered protein reconstruction technology and marketed it to the world in 1960. After starting small with just three products, they now offer a wide range of tailored haircare systems perfect for any and every hair type. They’re world renowned for transforming dull, lifeless hair in favour of added shine, strength and manageability. After all, Redken is the authority on gorgeous hair - their products have been used in the beauty and fashion industries for years, backstage at runway shows and in high-profile magazine editorials, just to name a few.

Redken remains at the forefront of haircare technology after years of dedicated research and development. Their products have been designed to nourish and fortify the hair, making it easier to style and manage on a daily basis. Plus, no matter your hair type, there’s a line of Redken products to suit. Those seeking model-shiny hair need look no further than the Redken Diamond Oil High Shine range, also designed to strengthen the hair from the shaft to minimise breakage or damage. The popular All Soft range is the perfect detangler for those with hair that knots easily, plus it’ll leave your locks feeling lusciously smooth and soft for days on end.

Redken also boasts styling products that are designed to help you manage and manipulate your hair without weighing it down or causing damage. Instead, Redken’s styling products have been formulated with a variety of ingredients including replenishing natural oils to ensure the hair stays looking and feeling gorgeous. Redken products have been proven to instil the hair with up to four times as much strength, and twice as much shine and smoothness, so trust the results and experience the ‘Redken difference’ yourself.

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