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NIOD, or Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science, is a non-traditional skincare brand from Deciem, designed to completely revolutionise the way we look at treating skincare concerns. NIOD products have been developed with the long-term health of your skin in mind, citing skin purifying and anti-ageing as some of their primary goals. Trying NIOD skincare is a fantastic step to take when your regular products start to lose their magic, as the groundbreaking technologies and ingredients used to formulate NIOD products will give your skin that much-needed boost after just a few applications, and will continue to work as time goes on. NIOD products are also highly complementary of dermatological skincare routines or surgical procedures.

NIOD features product lines to suit a variety of concerns, ranging from impurities and breakouts to dry skin and the signs of ageing. Every line focuses on making the most of your skin using breakthrough technologies, so although these products may not be the most gentle on the market, they’re guaranteed to be extremely effective. The NIOD Sanskrit Saponins, for example, is a facial cleansing balm that will refine the pores and dredge up impurities. Formulated with concentrated ingredients, you’ll see immediate results that will keep on improving as you make this product a part of your routine. Another favourite is the NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1%, a miracle tonic for those with mature skin. This serum keeps your skin in a constant state of repair, limiting the effects of ageing and ensuring that pre-existing signs are smoothed out in favour of supple, younger-looking skin.  

Don’t let NIOD’s ultra-scientific names scare you, either - this is skincare for the educated, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to incorporate their products into your skincare routine! If your current routine doesn’t seem to be doing its best, try adding NIOD products into your weekly regimen and observe the results for yourself.

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