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BeautyPRO started life as a British brand and quickly became popular all over the world. Having continually wowed industry professionals for over a decade now, this cult brand is your go-to provider for highly effective waxing tools, skincare products, and beauty implements. Now, we’re excited to unleash BeautyPRO’s unbeatable products on the women of Australia. Once you try their easy-to-use wax pots or strips, you’ll never want to go back to other methods of hair removal – BeautyPRO’s products are just so convenient and kind to the skin!

Known for its team's dedication to creating natural formulas, BeautyPRO is also a great brand for consumers with sensitive skin. Their lavender strip wax, for example, boasts anti-inflammatory properties designed to soften the skin and ensure it doesn’t sting after a hair removal session, all the while ensuring that your legs, underarms, or other body parts are left feeling irresistibly smooth. Even stubborn hairs are no match for BeautyPRO’s superior array of products. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our selection of wax strips, gentle heating pots, spatulas, and all-in-one-kits, and treat yourself to the smoothest, softest skin you’ve ever experienced.

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