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Founded in 2006 by CEO Elizabeth Barbalich, Antipodes is a highly innovative, all-natural skin and body-care brand. Designed and developed in New Zealand, Antipodes utilises home-grown ingredients derived from nature. The brand aims to bridge the gap between plant-powered vegan products and prestige formulations to enhance your skin’s natural properties.

Some of Antipode’s natural ingredients include Vinanza grape, which improves elasticity and firmness, and hyaluronic acid, which boosts your skin's hydration levels. Antipodes prides itself on the use of no toxins in its products, and its eco-conscious approach. Antipodes' Organic skincare range is certified by BioGro, the Pacific’s largest certifier of organic produce. The brand's biodiversity of raw materials and stringent manufacturing processes ensure that its organic products are 70-100% certified, and that glass bottle packaging is recyclable.

The Antipodes Scientific Green Beauty™ multi-level approach ensures that all products are vigorously tested through in-vitro scientific investigations and clinical trials. That way, you can be sure that all products are serving moisture retention, increased hydration, and collagen stimulation. From moisturisers and cleansers to a revolutionary mineral makeup range, Antipodes caters to all skin types with its gentle yet effective approach. Browse the brand's products at RY, an official stockist of Antipodes’ skincare range in Australia.

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