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Wei Brian grew up in rural China, spending her formative years playing outside and exploring the country’s natural environment. This led her to foster a love for herbs, plants and other botanical ingredients, then turning to a tutor when her interests grew. The result was a deep adoration and respect for traditional Chinese medicine, which she then began to cultivate further as she grew older. After realising that these ingredients were also incredibly beneficial for outer beauty in addition to inner health, Wei set out to create a skincare range featuring tried and tested Chinese herbs.

Thus, WEI was born--a prestige skincare range harnessing the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine and melding them with modern formulations and technology. With a wide variety of ingredients at her fingertips, Wei was able to cater to every skincare concern and type with her range. The team behind WEI are always attempting to innovate, and are deeply dedicated to their craft, trekking all over China in pursuit of the finest farms and ingredients. This designated ‘farm to face’ approach means that WEI are able to cultivate a great understanding of what goes into every product, and what makes it effective.

With a range that includes serums, masks and cleansers to name a few, WEI carries products suited to a wide range of women and men. One of the most talked-about items in the range is the Bee Venom Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum, which features bee venom as the primary ingredient in its potent formula. Apply a little of this to your complexion nightly and observe as your skin appears more and more youthful, fine lines and wrinkles practically fading away into nothing. Chinese royalty swore by bee venom, so why not take a leaf out of their books? Another favourite amongst this wide range is the WEI Brown Sugar Ready Glow Exfoliating Mask, which relies on key ingredient brown sugar to work wonders for the complexion. Molasses helps to neutralise free radical damage, helping to prevent pigmentation and protect against harsh environmental factors.

Shop the WEI range today with Facial Co to harness the power of traditional Chinese medicine. Plus, we offer free Australia-wide shipping on all orders over $99, and Afterpay so that you can grab your goodies now and pay later!

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