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skinChemists first made their mark in the skincare industry back in the late 1800s, when they were known as Ridleys of London. This innovative company formulated Quinine and Tonic, an extremely popular beauty product of the era. Now, over 100 years later, they are known to the world as skinChemists.

Just like they did in 1890, skinChemists thrive off unconventional ideas and meticulous formulations. The product that catapulted them to worldwide fame is perhaps their most unique and revolutionary--the Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum. Designed using a synthetic replica of snake venom, this serum is the top of the range when it comes to fading away fine lines and the effects of ageing. SYN-AKE, as this complex is known, has collagen-producing benefits, ensuring your complexion remains taut and smooth without requiring any surgical interventions.

Along with the globally-revered Wrinkle Killer, skinChemists house a number of formulations that use ingredients that are beyond the ordinary. From bee venom and marine collagen to rose quartz, snail mucin and more, the skinChemists range is diverse and totally different. If you’re not convinced, why not try it out for yourself?

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