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Dr Natasha Cook

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The brainchild of renowned dermatologist Dr Natasha Cook, her eponymous brand was launched in 2007 in Sydney. Dr Cook struggled to find high-quality formulations that truly catered to the skincare needs of her clients, and so, took it upon herself to create them. She used her years of industry experience, which included tending to the complexions of many high-profile clients, to formulate a concise and effective range of products that would benefit every skin type. 

Each formula within the range utilises clinical concentrations of highly beneficial active ingredients, which include Vitamin C, AHAs and Niacinamide. The Dr Natasha Cook range has debunked the myth that skincare needs to be complicated, instead delivering simple and effective products that always deliver results. With a range of ‘proven’ multitaskers that can be prescribed for a number of skin concerns, the Dr Natasha Cook range is versatile, clever and very well-loved in the Australian skincare world. 

In addition to simplicity and effectiveness, the Dr Natasha Cook Cosmeceuticals range also rests on a third key philosophy--authenticity. As a skincare practitioner herself, Dr Cook wants to educate her clients and customers, rather than convincing them to purchase products they may not even need or benefit from. By ‘keeping it real’, Dr Cook has cultivated a base of devotees to her brand. 

Perhaps the most coveted product within the Dr Natasha Cook range is the Concentrated Moisturiser. Don’t let the lightweight, non-greasy texture fool you--this is a surge of hydration at its finest. Hyaluronic Acid helps retain water, locking in moisture for skin that’s more supple and well-nourished than ever before. Glycerin also acts as a humectant, ensuring any gaps in the protective layer of the skin are filled in to trap moisture. Finally, Vitamins A, C and E take on an antioxidant effect, protecting the skin against physical ageing signs, free radical damage and much more. This all-rounder speaks for itself, so incorporate it into your routine to truly experience the benefits of Dr Cook’s range. 

Of course, this isn’t the only beloved product within the revered Dr Natasha Cook range. Shop favourites, including the Concentrated Cleanser and Concentrated MicroPeel today with Facial Co, your official stockist. We offer free Australia-wide shipping on all orders over $99, plus select Afterpay at checkout to shop now and pay later.

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